How we plane playgrounds

The most important is the analysis of the area / environment as well as the wishes and ideas of the client.

During specification of the project plans we offer our clients three options.


The choice of ready-made elements that you can see on our web page, that we can immediately send the finished technical (CAD) drawings, which you can immediately apply to your construction project.


It is to create new, original or themed playgrounds.
Here it is important to specify exactly your budget and represents playground.After signing the contract we will create initial sketches, visualization (if needed) and then we will enter the technical drawings for production.


The combination of the first and second point.

Colored finish kid's playground is negotiable and we can prepare it to your specifications.

In the case that you would like the playground without the paint, you can get a discount up to 20%. Although the playground without paint fades over time, but hard robinia wood is weather-resistant even when not treated with paint.